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We saw a need for a better way. We saw a need for something that would not only help in a fall but also help when someone couldn't help themselves at the bottom of a deep manhole. There was a problem and we fixed it.

Halo Safety Systems is the creation of a life-long Pipeline construction company and lifelong master welder. While on the job, the owner of Copeland Backhoe and Construction (Tim Copeland) saw the dangers with the concrete safety slab that he he was installing into manholes. While giving this a little more thought and idea was born.


Having the knowledge of the dangers that can occur when working in manholes, Tim knew this new system had to be able to retrieve a person through the slab and not injure them further. After thinking long and hard on his idea he talked to long time friend Tony Wiley. Tony listened to the idea and put it into reality. With the first prototype made out of wood the new safety platform was born.


After countless modifications the final product is what you see today. It has been tested thoroughly and we know it works and save lives.


You can trust in HSS to make sure your employees and sewers are safer to work in now.

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