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All products are custom welded stainless steel with all stainless steel hardware. The platform material is a expanded fiberglass resin known as Chemgrate. In theory this platform will outlast the manhole itself.

All of these products have been through strenuous tests for fall safety, corrosion, and retrieval. 

US Patent #9,133,629 B2 


4 ft. manholes are the most common manholes across the country. Our 4 ft. Platform is state of the art in more ways than one. One huge drawback to the old concrete safety slabs (being used currently) is that they have to be installed during construction. Our platform can be installed through the porthole (manhole cover) in the middle of a street if needed. We designed it so that it can be installed years after construction is complete. No one else can do that.

This 5ft. Platform is for larger diameter manholes. This platform has all the features of the 4 ft. platform except it cannot be installed after construction. Only before.

The 6 ft. Platform is our largest and is designed with a double trap door. This is a large platform but it also has all the features of the 4 and 5 ft. models except you cannot install it after construction. Only before.



  • Poured Concrete slab with 28"-30" opening

  • Slab can only be installed in new construction

  • No direct line from the sewer invert to the ring and cover.

  • Gases are trapped more easily.

  • Must be destroyed to remove.

  • No visibility

  • Impossible to safely retrieve incapacitated worked through more than one slab without endangering someone else.





  • Direct line for ATM from ring and cover to sewer invert.

  • Direct Line of pull for retrieval of incapacitated worker through multipule platforms.

  • Much better visibilty and communication for workers.

  • Allows gases to pass though or be dispensed more easily.

  • Can be installed in new construction or existing manholes in the street or elsewhere. (4ft. platform only)

  • Can be re-used

  • Can be installed through most ring and covers in the middle of the street with no excavation. (4ft. Platform only)

  • Load Rating well over 1,000 lbs

  • Suitable platform for jetting, vacuuming, and any other maintenance.

  • Many other applications  (Pump stations, wet wells, storm drains, etc.)

  • Customizable (colors, sizes, etc.)

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