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How does the cost compare?


Our system is for obvious reasons is going to be costlier than the current system. We are not selling a cheaper alternative, we are selling an insurance policy. More times than not when someone is trapped in the bottom of a deep manhole someone else has to go into harms way to retrieve them and in many cases both people lose their life. We do not want this to ever happen again now that it can be avoided.


Some manholes are not perfectly round, will this product fit?


We designed the platform with telescoping legs that adjust at all contact points so when the casted manhole isn't perfectly round we will still fit and work perfectly.


How hard is it to install?


Our platforms are very easy to install. For someone that has never installed one before we estimate it would take them 30-45 minutes to install it inside the manhole. If there is a way to install before the manhole is in the ground, which is most cases, the process is much faster and easier. Very few tools are needed for install.


What tests have the platform been through?


We tested the load strength to well over 1,000lbs. We dropped weighted dummies from over 10 ft. only the free spanned platform and measured the give they had after with the results being very minimal to non existent. All materials are corrosion resistant and will last longer than the concrete they are installed inside.

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